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My friends call me Sammy (it's complicated).

I'm in my quarter-life crisis, fighting an addiction to chocolate and trying to figure out who I am and what I stand for.

I'm a relentless optimist, and I abhor the status quo. We humans can do a much better job running the world, of that I'm certain.

My greatest fear is that of being irrelevant. I'm also afraid that I don't truly belong. Am I crazy?

I taught myself to code because frankly, that's the future. Technology presents an unprecedented opportunity to hack the human enterprise and find ways to better care for and share the planet.

I reflect in real time, and often contemplate reality, the supernatural, and the metaphysical... Do I really exist? Do you?

My story will be one of triumph, or of failure—but not anything in between.
Either way, it will be one worth telling!